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Profile: Archive ZWISCHENLAGER für Politik und Geschichte

The project house's archive includes many different media (books, booklets, magazines, teaching aids and CD-ROMs). After listing and compilation of all media a well sorted, easily to be used library will be created.

The aim is to use all the different media in the house for seminars, projects or just for reading evenings. The variety of topics covers almost all interests, and starts with fiction, lyric, detective stories, books for kids and young people, fantasy, adventure. Concerning specialist literature topcis like nature, animal and environment protextion, political topics, Germany's and the world's history, art and culture, globalization, organic-vegan life, migration and asylum, anti-Semitism, renewable energies, work in organizations, threats of nuclear power are just an extract of covered themes. It is worth to use the library intensively and to keep it for future generations to provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to actively shape their own lives, to develop their knowledge and to pass it over to others.

Information on the archive is available online at DATASPACE. There people can get informed what media are compiled already, and if their interests would be met.